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Mind Motivation Global is a company run by Dean McDonald, a professional footballer for over 20 years.

Signed by Arsenal at 14, Dean has played top flight football for most of his life and has experienced the persistent pressure to produce definite results from his entire environment.

Currently representing England’s 6-a-side team in the Annual Socca World Cup; Dean began looking at the way forward after football. Seeing many players around him either going into coaching or management, Dean decided to look deeper at his options.

Thinking about his early football career; Dean realised that as well as being strong physically, you had to be equally strong mentally to succeed in the top flight.

Dean explored this further, whilst training to become a personal trainer, a referee and also a Community Youth Co-ordinator.

Dean saw that the spinal cord of optimal performance focused on the mind first. The mind had to be in a fit state in order to accept and become the epicentre of operation. To be able to multi-task; manage life, work, family and balance the expectations of all areas of life, the mind needs to be motivated to do so.

“Therein Mind Motivation Global was born!”

This company seeks to assist the balance of the mind, in order to unlock the key to well-being and a balanced life whatever your goals are.

To begin with, this is to be done in 3 key areas: Mentoring; Motivational Speaking & Coaching..

“So just like the mind, the possibilities are endless..”

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Our Expertise

We have an deep expertise within the football business and want to focus implicitly on the areas below.

We feel there is a real lack of emphasis on these areas in football


  • Support being provided for youngsters to reach their goals in life, being from multi-cultural backgrounds MMG offers a unique opportunity to look at managing the mindset of global football

  • MMG aims to use its’ skills to develop the next generation (on their life journey – for further information please click the link) think about the connection between each item)

Motivational Speaking

  • This will be a series of sessions offered where attendees will be able to take part in workshops and hear informative and demonstrative speeches which will be easy to understand and offers different points of view to understanding and managing various life journeys and pathways

  • Please click on the link for further information


  • The coaching facet of MMG offers training not only in sports, but also in life journeys, and would welcome you to take a closer look at how these elements can aid your personal development.

  • Please click on the link for further information

This is not limited just to football, but to all aspects of life.

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  • One to One Coaching Sessions
  • Qualified London FA Referee enquire for availability
  • Register Of Excercise Professionals Qualified Personal Trainer (Bespoke tailored plans & specialist in healthy weight loss plan)
  • Football Trial Assessment & preparation specialist
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  • MM Global Elite Launch Event
  • Dean McDonald – Kings of Anglia Interview
  • MM Global Elite Football Camp
  • MM Global Elite Motivational Speaking Courses & Workshops
  • MM Global Elite Mentoring Courses & Workshops
  • Socca World Cup 2020

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